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Turn almost anything from drab to FAB!
Carve your own Rubber Stamps
Carve your own design or initial into a
rubber stamp! Then use it to make
handmade cards, personalized stationary,
and more...
Marble Crafts
Paper Jewelry
Earrings made from junk mail? You can wear it proudly
after it's transformed into these little gems!
This time we're repurposing
secondhand frames to give
our treasured items some
well-deserved face time!
Green Gift Wrap #1: Boxes & Bags
Holiday Cards
Found Paper Blank Books
Green Gift Wrap #2: Eco-Embellishments
Valentine's Day Cards
Plastic Bag Wreath
Memory Vessels
We're taking glass jugs and
encrusting them with small items like:
old keys, orphaned/ broken jewelry, beads, and
shells...virtually anything that deserves to be

***Jugs will be provided,
but students will need to gather/bring
items to be memorialized***

Read the history of Memory Jugs!
Fused Plastic 101

Repurpose plastic bags by making
them into Pop Art-inspired carrying
cases. Make a business card holder
for your next  networking event or a
larger version for a coupon-clipping
compadre. These make great gifts,
Altered Clothespins

Use these to organize your grocery list,
kids' chores, or hubby's Honey Do list.
Record Sleeves: Revisited

Vol. 1 Folders

Jazz up your office with the addition of
these kitschy, but rockin' alternatives.
At least 2 types of folders will be
demonstated, but be prepared for
some laughs as we enter the bizarro
world of 70's/80's Album Art =)